Your child & us curriculum



Children’s experiences in their first five years provide the foundation for the rest of their lives. For this reason, our Centre is active in pursuing the highest quality curriculum and practice possible for children in our care. Our curriculum is a play based one guided by the National Quality Framework and the Early Years Learning Framework.

The National Quality Framework is a guide for providing high quality curriculum and practice. It has been developed at a National level and agreed upon by the Council of Australian Governments, aiming to ensure a high quality standard learning program is provided for all children in care in Australia. For more information, Click here.

At Port Adelaide, we recognise and value each child’s individuality and uniqueness. The learning programs are planned to support each child in reaching their highest potential in all areas of learning and development. Consistent with the National Quality Framework, our curriculum follows the Early Years Learning Framework, emphasising the concepts of belonging, being and becoming which are woven throughout our practice. For more information on the Early Years Learning Framework, Click here.

Play based Curriculum

Children’s engagement in play is essential for their learning and development. Evidence suggests that play supports children’s development of language and cognition, physical skills, an understanding of art, science and technology, as well as supporting their social and emotional development.

A play curriculum creates an environment and opportunities for different forms of play, including spontaneous play, guided play and educator directed play. In our practice, the learning experiences are planned to provide a balance between these different types of play, with our educators playing a key role in engaging children and scaffolding to extend their thinking and learning.


The program at the Centre caters for both the care and educational needs of the children. The educators in each room facilitate the development of an emergent program/curriculum appropriate to the needs of those children. These programs are developed on a weekly basis and are on display in each room. The daily routines of each room are also on display.

Our educators are more than happy to answer any questions regarding the curriculum so feel free to come in and have a chat!