Your child & us settling in

Settling in

settling in

Saying goodbye to your child on the first day can be difficult for both the child and the parents. It can also be very hard to leave your child with people you've just met. However, it is important to realise that separation anxiety is a normal part of development and strategies can be adopted to make the process easier for your family.

At the Centre, we make every effort to make this separation as smooth as possible. You are welcome to visit or ring to check how your child is settling in.

Helpful hints

Before the child’s first day at the Centre:

  • Talk about the Centre with your child
  • If possible, visit the Centre with your child
  • On the day before, remind your child that they will start tomorrow at the Centre

On the first day at child care:

  • Allow your child plenty of time to get ready
  • Arrive early and sign your child in
  • Provide the Centre staff with information regarding fee/drink routines and any medication required
  • Change the child in nappies if required
  • Reassure your child that you will pick them up later
  • If your child is unease, please remain at the Centre for a while
  • Say goodbye
  • Return on time

At home:

  • Talk over the experience of the day with your child in a positive manner. Make it fun

On subsequent days:

  • Avoid rushing and arrive in good time
  • Check your instructions on feed/drink/sleep routines
  • Remind your child of your return